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[Temporary Wallpaper is a must for living in NYC – New York, NY]

April 26, 2013

Being a renter in NYC is like buying a sloppy joe and being told not to spill anywhere. I really hate having white walls but definitely didn’t want to venture into the world of painting, hiring a painter, having our super re-prime the wall when I took it into my own hands… ETC

Instead, I decided to go the Renter’s Wallpaper route. I will say despite it being slightly on the pricier side compared to painting but there is no mess, it’s relatively easy to put together and if you have an OCD friend like me to help – you can still find a solution even if you measured your wall wrong and didn’t buy enough panels…..

First this seemed like a good idea...

First this seemed like a good idea…

Then we stepped back

Then we stepped back

At this point, I was being mercilessly bullied for having measured the wall all wrong and not ordering enough wallpaper. Yes, this is something I would do. Despite this, we decided to try and make it work. I’d like to add that eventhough we didn’t have the right measurements it really does brighten up the room and make everything better.


And then they were sideways

And then they were sideways

Decidedly better than the verticals - my room looked, as Billy Fucillo would say HUGGGGE

Decidedly better than the verticals – my room looked, as Billy Fucillo would say HUGGGGE

For those that are curious and want to tackle their own walls, I found this Herringbone pattern at Blik – there are coupons for first time customers and pretty decent discounts throughout the year. Seems like they are one of the few temporary wall paper companies with fun, fresh patterns.

This leaves me with the big question – should I keep the stripes or should I just order the missing parts and fill in the rest of the wall….

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