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[Coffee Spotlight: Spyhouse, Penny’s – Minneapolis, MN]

August 23, 2017

It’s a tale of two coffee places! Ben and I spent the weekend in Minneapolis and given the two hour timezone difference, our lack of energy and decision to still workout at the hotel gym…coffee was a necessity.

The coffee (and food) in Minneapolis did not disappoint. We were in town for a friends wedding but took advantage and did some exploring. I wish in hindsight I’d taken more pictures but I also really try not to be that person with her face glued to a DSLR. So without further ado, here are some of our suggestions…


Spyhouse Coffee

[945 Broadway St NE]

What to order? Frosty Bang Bang (a frosty horchata with five shots of espresso)

One of the things I loved about Minneapolis was all the preserved buildings. Minneapolis was known as a milling town, you can look around and see anything from General Mills to Pillsbury signs walking around town. As an aside, there are four locations of this cafe, we happened to go to this one but it was very cute and a good excuse to go to the St. Paul side of the Twin Cities.

Spyhouse Coffee

We ordered our coffees, mmmm while smelling other people’s delicious coffees

This is what a frosty bang bang looks like after you sip it


Penny’s Coffee

[100 S Washington Ave]

What to order? Crepe or Croissant with Sprinkles (if you have the time, a latte)

I will be up front and say that it was adorable, built into what looked like an old bank with high ceilings and the smell of crepes. All that being said, Ben got his cold brew very quickly and my (albeit delicious) latte took exactly 24 minutes to make…so if you have no other plans, we really did have a good time here despite that horrible wait.

Hello, Penny’s Coffee!

You have some cool lights…

And some delicious coffee vibes

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