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[A Singapore Sling from the place that invented it… – Singapore]

January 16, 2018

Hi, this cocktail costs +$20 depending on current currency exchange rates. So if you’ve got 99 problems but filing for bankruptcy isn’t one then order a round of them. If Singapore wasn’t a long haul flight away and I could order a Singapore Sling much less a Strawberry Daiquiri or a poo poo platter of other fruity cocktails anytime, I probably wouldn’t so if you are uncool like me and allergic to fun…you should have the one and share it because hey, you’re there already!

Nestled downtown in Singapore and tucked away from a busy main street is the Raffles Hotel. This hotel is not only where the Singapore Sling cocktail was born but also just recently celebrated its 100th year of being. The cocktail was first created in 1915 at the Raffles Singapore by bartender Ngiam Tong Boon. In it is pineapple juice, grenadine, lime juice, Dom Benedictine, Cherry Brandy and Cointreau. The drink was first created in part due to the stigma attached to women drinking in public thus by masquerading the cocktail as a fruit juice with a hidden surprise inside, thus the Raffles found a niche market. Something fruity girl drinks continue to propel forward to this day 😉

The view from the wraparound patio.

A menu, which you don’t need because you are here for two things: cocktail, peanuts.

Waiting for our cocktails impatiently

Still waiting…

Blurry picture of peanuts we ate while waiting. Disclaimer: we weren’t mad at the waiting, we were happy for the air conditioning

Just check out this cocktail glass.

It’s here!

Sidenote, freshest pineapple ever. Yummmm


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