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[A brief tour of Shwedagon Pagoda – Yangon, Myanmar]

January 24, 2018

The Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the most beautiful pagodas in Southeast Asia. If you find yourself in Myanmar, I would put this near the top of your list. The pagoda is 2,500 years old and is believed to hold Buddha’s hair as well as other relics. We honestly shuttled around in Ubers our entire time in Yangon and loved it. It was an easy, clear way of communicating where you wanted to go and being able to ensure the money went to the driver as well as made it easy if you wanted to tip. Here are our top tips for visiting…

We read a lot of blogs that warned us about “shoe guardians” though we encountered no problems. Here is our hot take on some helpful tips when visiting the pagoda:

  • Bring a bag for your shoes, just easier to carry them around on your person
  • You will be paying a fee to get in, about $8
  • Knee length shorts or skirts (for both men and women) and t-shirts below the elbow. Don’t be that person unless you desperately wanted to borrow a longyi
  • Try and go early, less crowded and very peaceful

Welcome to Schwedagon Pagoda, we don’t remember which gate our Uber dropped us off at.

We almost didn’t leave the gate it was so beautiful

And yet, we persevered

Once inside the colors changed to a bright white and gold (gold leaf everywhere)

Not too many people there, very peaceful

We started circling on our own

The contrast of the white and the gold was my favorite part

What I wore – highly recommend these light weight joggers from Uniqlo.

A few more snaps, hard to stop

Some things were still under construction

I made Ben pose here, if you needed a reference for which gate we came in from.

Though the scenery might seem the same, as you keep going, things look vastly different.

Tried not to interupt people praying which actually was not hard to do

Some of the beautiful details up close

Even more, I couldn’t help myself.

Finally on our way out…

But, we had to stop at this beautiful tree of course.

Goodbye, Shwedagon Pagoda!

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  • Reply Ryan Biddulph January 24, 2018 at 4:06 pm

    Super pics! We visited last March; fun time at this epic pagoda. I had some shoe guardian issues in Bagan, actually. One hawker selling trinkets tried desperately to take our flip flops. Pleasantly but firmly I yanked them out of her hands LOL. I get fear goads folks to try to make money off tourists; totally have compassion for folks. I also know that these guys and gals are human beings who know right from wrong. I remind them with my actions if they forget 🙂


    • Reply Findling's Finds January 25, 2018 at 10:42 am

      Thanks Ryan! On the one hand I’m really happy we were warned about the shoe guardians but on the other, you got it exactly right – most people would be more understanding than expected if people employed your approach.

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