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[D.C. Weekend Getaway – Washington, DC]

February 22, 2012

Oh, D.C how I miss you already. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting this fine city let me catch you up. People in D.C have 30-74 seconds to cross their fifteen feet crosswalks, they stroll leisurely and very rarely wait in line. It’s strange. Kait & I ended up having THE most relaxing weekend in a city, that unlike New York – definitely sleeps.

Day One – We’re broke and stayed at this hotel…

We arrived on Saturday, shortly after noon and made our way to the District Hotel which by the way I highly recommend booking through It was just what we needed – a good location, reasonable price and nowhere near as scary as the places we stayed in while traveling abroad. (besides they have a Better Batter Waffle Maker in the lobby)

After dropping our bags we hopped on D.C’s metro which is carpeted, absurdly fast and clean. We were ready to see some touristy monuments but first stopped off 7th street to grab a quick lunch at Tapas style restaurant Oyamel. Our favorite was the Chilaquiles but the table side Guac everyone else seemed to be having looked extra delicious.

From there we walked the National Mall (despite the whole length of water being under construction, we had agreat time touring) and sat on the steps taking pictures at the Lincoln Memorial. I would like to point out at this time that I wish we had been on segways but also that lunch probably warranted that we should walk instead.

As the sun began to sink we grabbed some gelato at Pitango Gelato where they have flavors ranging from Cardamom to Spicy Chocolate. A quick rest at our hotel and two hours later we popped back out to visit Ben’s Chili Bowl on U street….conveniently within walking distance from our hotel.

**Chili pictures by kait

Day Two – Brunch and more walking!

The previous day’s amount of walking renders us useless after a few drinks on U Street – we went to bed early and got a fresh start Sunday. Kait went off with her friend Elena to Georgetown and I met up with my lovely college friend Patrice who I hadn’t seen in FOREVER. After a failed attempt at Drag Queen Brunch (apparently very popular) we settled down in Adams Morgan area – Cafe Bonaparte.


We met back up for a tour of the Newseum because for some unknown reason a weekend I have off from work must be compensated with simulated control room stress. Although I must say its very strange looking into a control room behind a pane of glass and pretending its an exhibit and not my daily routine.


Finally, we got down to some cupcakes. These four were strawberry, peanut butter fudge, red velvet and *drumroll* secret flavor of the day (via twitter @GTownCupcake) cookies & cream. In the strangest turn of events, maybe 10-15 people stopped and asked us lots of questions about these cupcakes, where they were from and how cute it was we were eating them.

Some more walking through D.C’s monuments, a fun night of Ethiopian food D.C style and a few more drinks later we finally called it a night.



Day Three – Tired but full

Phew – our last day of vacationing and appropriately – President’s Day. We headed back to Georgetown which was as mysteriously quiet as the rest of the city and walked around for awhile before we sat down for a quick manicure and then lunch. We also stumbled upon a deserted mall and agreed that it was the cutest mall we had by far ever seen, how sad it can’t keep its stores open. I managed to snag some more cupcakes from Baked & Wired before heading back for dinner that night but as we later found out – they were no match for Georgetown Cupcakes (although they did have some unique albeit overly sweet frosting flavors)

The end to our great however short weekend in Washington, D.C. Hopefully we’ll have some time to make another long weekend trip but it was nice to squeeze this one in.

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