[A day’s hike through rice fields in Nepal – Kathmandu, Nepal]

September 21, 2013

Our last day in Nepal was pre-set with a great big fun hike. I agreed to this foolishly. A hike sounded like fun….I did not factor in allowing Brian to pick the hike. What could have gone wrong?

What else should you do at 4 am on a leisurely vacation but head out for some exercise? It is time to start the hike. To some this might be early, but no this was the optimum time to begin a winding car ride to the top of the mountain before a hike back down. Keep in mind this is about when I remembered I wanted to see “The Monkey Temple” and began nagging everyone involved about seeing this post-hike.

We begin at the top of Nagarkota. We had more tea. (I might be immune to tea by now, caffeine no longer works on me) and then we made our way down. I have to say, I am extremely thankful it was a bit foggy and I didn’t see the terrifying twists and turns going up the mountain. When we were done with breakfast, we realized we were above the cloud line. my first time getting to see this in my life and fortunately, not the last.

Getting some food in before a hike.

Getting some food in before a hike.

Brian + Thakur figuring out the iPad

Brian + Thakur figuring out the iPad

Then we checked out the view, about 50 km straight ahead of us was Mt. Everest…sadly there were a few clouds since it was early morning but the view was still breathtaking.

We begin at the beginning

We begin at the beginning

The beginning is at 4 AM....

The beginning is at 4 AM….

But I guess it's worth it, wouldn't you say?

But I guess it’s worth it, wouldn’t you say?

THEN we hiked. VIDEO OF HIKE Along the way we were told by Thakur (bestest guide for Nepal ever) that we could take a easier and more boring path or the harder more interesting one. We chose the most interesting one and decided to hike through some rice fields. Leeches and all.


Starting to make our way down

Of course you have to pose before you start

Of course you have to pose before you start



This goat loves me, I can tell


Thakur says the best way is always the hardest…, through the rice fields…..full of leeches

Brian made a little friend

Brian made a little friend



Making our way down


Hello, friend.


Basically I only have panoramics and photos of Thakur




Getting their hands dirty


I think it is commendable that I did not steal a goat. I was tempted the entire way down.


Rice fields as we make our way to the bottom


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