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[Visit to the Blue Lagoon, Day 3 – Reykjavik,Iceland]

December 4, 2012

NYC, It’s a Gene Buffet!

Sunday! We made it, with little sleep and lots of cloudy weather we were hoping for a break in the clouds. Good news is we got it in the afternoon…. bad news is we didn’t so much in the morning. We’d booked a second excursion outside of our tour because for $134 it included a horse riding adventure as well as a blue lagoon outing (with the entrance fee).

Early morning at the Laxnes Horse Farm

Suiting up brrrrr


Despite the stinging ice rain and blistery cold winds, we had a fantastic ride up and down the streams and paths around the Laxnes Horse Farm – a family run horse ranch. Kali the dog was hilarious and knew lots of tricks and of course we were matched up with horses.

Icelandic horses look like ponies, they are muscular and a bit short but very unique animals. They have been this was since the Vikings first brought them over. These horses are completely free of diseases so if they are even sent overseas they aren’t allowed to come back.

I walked in and was told I belonged with Princessa a.k.a Princess. She and I got along with the exception of her walking around every puddle.



Getting ready

They definitely did not want to go outside

But we did… sorry no pics of the ride, couldn’t really take my camera out there.


It was rough, really rough. This would have been really beautiful and relaxing in the spring but unfortunately the weather dampened our moods. We popped back into our hotel for a quick change since our clothes were so wet and were ready for the Blue Lagoon

This was maybe the only commercial place in Iceland but definitely worth the trip at least once. The waters contain Silica and Sulfur so it does have a vague rotten egg smell but the color of the water reflects the sky, giving it a unique experience.

Walking up the path, alien like terrain

Finally here! Spa here we come!


We checked in at the front desk and were given digital bands that could unlock our lockers, re-lock them and pay for things if we wanted to buy anything at the bar in the lagoon. Note: they will make you shower before you go into the lagoon. We had to do some running back and forth but unlike the public pool, you can make your way outside from the inside so you’re never too cold.

Blue skies for the first time

Hanging up towels & bathrobes


I highly recommend you put the leave in hair conditioner in, without washing it out if you plan on dipping your hair in the lagoon. While the waters do wonders for your skin, they will make your hair very brittle.

A bit dark

Someone offered to take our picture, we accepted

Take One

Take Two

The warmest spot in the Lagoon and therefore, the best.


We decided it was high time for some of the sillica mud masks in the Lagoon (they are in wooden holders in several parts of the Lagoon. Take full advantage of these, not only do they leave your skin stupidly smooth – they apparently cost around 80 euro in the gift shop per small pot.

Check out those guys in the masks – beers and all

Kait bypassed the spoon

And then she snapped a candid

Some not-so-candids

[dislacimer] I’m only putting one up of the both of us – she looks less attractive because she’s the only one efficient enough to hold that giant camera. It’s deeply unfair.

Some more of Kait, I owe her for that unflattering one

Sun started setting


Goodbye, Lagoon


When we got home we regrouped a bit and decided to head out for sushi hearing it was fresh and worth a try. We grabbed a few rolls at Sushibarrin downtown.

They did not serve “fast food” and they had a great mix of music… our faces started looking tired

We tried the Whale Takatori which was completely different from the barbequed version we had the other day

Rice Against the Machine & a San Francisco


Afterwards we finished out the night by going to the Laundromat Cafe for a few beers where we met up with *drumroll* Eric and Tommy from the day before. If you have any laundry by the way, you can also do it downstairs while you eat and drink. After many many emails we hit the town… on a Sunday night rather than the Saturday warehouse party we’d attempted.

Tommy & Eric [Laundromat Cafe, Reykjavik]

Margaret, Eric’s Icelandic friend and local reporter talked with us about all things Iceland. She got to watch us swap stories of boring things she sees everyday. Which brings up this topic: genes. Iceland and Reykjavik in particular because the population is pretty small is very closely studied to track genetic characteristics as most Icelanders marry and have children with fellow Icelanders. Many can trace their lineage back to the first settlers and there is an app and website just in case you hook up with your cousin. You can double check. The website has crashed before.

In the words of Margaret, NYC in comparison is “a gene buffet”.


At Kaffibarrin after a short stop at the Backpackers Hostel bar – more friends joined up


The girls

Liam, being Irish made sure to hit the duty free before getting there

And this is where the pictures end…….

Goodbye Iceland, until Spring!

Plane ride home


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