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[A Stay At The Laylow – Waikiki, Oahu]

March 27, 2020

We always like to do a little hotel review when we stay somewhere so of course, Oahu is no different. We stayed in Waikiki thinking it might be a little less rainy. Rain, however, is always part of any Hawaii vacation, it’s what makes everything lush and beautiful. That being said there are certainly drier parts of the island. We wanted to stay at a bit of a boutique hotel feeling spot but with amenities, since we had to be flexible traveling post my event.

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Hawaii, Travel, USA

[Beginner’s Hike in Oahu – Waikiki, Oahu]

March 22, 2020

We decided to fit in a quick hike on what ended up being a long weekend in Oahu after COVID shutdowns rerouted us home earlier than anticipated. Due to recent health issues, I wanted to make sure we did something fun and outdoors but not too strenuous. I will say I do miss the harder hikes as they are less trafficked but for the outdoor fun and the vistas, I’d highly recommend this hike.

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[Weekend Getaway: Santa Ynez Valley]

February 24, 2020

There are so many places to discover in the state of California. We love to travel but within our own state, we’re constantly uncovering new places we love. We’ve been to Los Olivos and Los Alamos before which has a special place in our hearts because we spent our latest weekend anniversary there but our friend Amy truly grew up in the Central Valley and knows everything about everything there (and bonus, the wine there).

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[Brunch spotlight: Pony Espresso -Santa Ynez, CA]

February 15, 2020

We spent a really lovely weekend with our friends Chris and Amy in the Santa Ynez Valley and stumbled upon a new coffee place. I love ponies, I didn’t have to go to Iceland to remind myself of this and it’s become an inside joke of sorts for us so really, despite the fact this coffee shop had great reviews, we went here purely based on the name alone. We were rewarded for our impulsive behavior.

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[Wynwood Art District – Miami, FL]

December 30, 2019

It feels like there are at least three obvious things you must do when in Miami.

  • Sing “Bienvenidos a Miami” and/or “We’re going to Miami, Miami, Miami”
  • Visit Wynwood Walls
  • Have some Cuban food

It is with such made-up expectations that we did exactly all those things once we landed in Miami for the week.

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[Brunch Spotlight: Dreamer Acai Juice Bar – Miami, FL]

December 24, 2019

Recently we had a quick trip to Miami and well, when in Miami… I’m bound to look for a juice bar so I can eat all the granola and fruit. There were so many to choose from, I’m surprised we even landed on one. We realized we immediately made the right choice because some vloggers nearby were live-streaming their mushroom coffee intake. Though this part was annoying, we clearly had also happened upon a spot others liked just as much except by accident. 😅

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[Brunch Spotlight: Full of Life Flatbread – Los Alamos, CA]

November 3, 2019
Los Alamos Full of Life Flatbread

You must be thinking at this point that we pretty much only eat brunch. Well, it’s true, that is all we eat.

Kidding, of course, 😅 but we would if we could. Usually, when we’re at dinner, we actually don’t take our phones out or cameras. From the very beginning of Ben and I dating we never kept phones out on the table and even during the week, we make sure to have dinner together and catch up about our days. That, and you know, the lighting is terrible at night.

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[The Best Quick Hike in Phoenix – Phoenix, AZ]

November 1, 2019

Saved the best for last! Kait, my best friend, (if we still say that as adults?) and college roommate met me in Scottsdale for the weekend. I was very excited to see her and tried my best to rally but of course, showed up and promptly caught a fever. I’d say I was deeply disappointed but I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be sick with outside of Ben so it was in some ways the best time to get sick.

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