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[Lower East Side Snack Walk- New York, NY]

October 15, 2014

Fall is nearly here in the city which means it is also time to eat your feelings and store away the fat for what is almost always a bitter and cold winter. Common side effects include taping shut the corners of your air conditioner once realizing cold air is getting in but being too lazy to remove it from the window.

With a few good days of sunshine left, Ben and I went down for a little Lower East Side food tour. We headed out downtown without a plan but hopeful for some snacks.


Fall has arrived in New York


Ben was a little caught by surprise but he has no choice but to be in my pictures

Our first stop was Cafe Habana off of Prince Street. They are known for their grilled corn and cuban sandwhiches. You can almost always see a small crowd leaning up against the wall chomping down on these $3 cobs. Disclaimer: The first photo I grabbed from the site so you could get an idea of the store front, the rest are mine

Source: Cafe Habana

Source: Cafe Habana


This is what a delicious spice covered cheese on grilled corn looks like


Nothing goes better with that then some hot hot coffee

After a savory snack the best follow up is always a sweet one. We headed down to a hidden gem and my favorite candy fix in the city, Economy Candy. This pseudo warehouse is the home of everything from Razzles to bubble gum baseball cards. They even have a halvah section. If you can’t find something here, you’re wrong. Repeat isclaimer: The first photo I grabbed from the site so you could get an idea of the store front, the rest are mine


Source: Economy Candy/Facebook

Above is what the old store front looked like back in the day. Today it is a little bit more hidden but still a favorite of locals and celebrities.


Chocolate covered oreo review team

We left with bags full of bacon flavored goodness for Ben’s roommate’s birthday and of course some milk and dark chocolate covered oreos.

The best thing to do when you are on Rivington Street is to continue on to the corner of Essex and pay a visit to Sugar Sweet Sunshine. This is my personal favorite in the hierarchy of NYC cupcakes but also an economic win win due to it’s $2 a cuppycake prices. (tip: there are also some delicious pudding offerings) Here’s a little back story, the two co-founders are former Magnolia Bakery employees, the bakery made famous by Carrie in Sex & The City. I will say though from personal experience the frosting here is just as good but much lighter. Try the classic Sunshine cupcake or if you’re like me….grab a pistachio.


All cupcakes live here


The Classic Sunshine Cupacake

No, I did not just continue to eat all Saturday. The next day I woke up and had a serious craving for a coffee on the way to brunch with our friend Jodi. Instead we wound up at this New York via Korea coffee chain, Cafe Bene. As with most other Korean chains you find that their baked goods all ship daily from their West Coast homes. While this seems really bad for their bottom line, a bite of their pastries will let you know why they’re so secretive about their recipes. The drink they are best known for is the Misugaru latte which is made up of black bean, black rice, brown rice and barley. This being too healthy I obviously opted for a Taro Bubble Tea Latte.


Nothing to see here just a Taro Latte Bubble Tea


I’ll take five.

Last but not least, we made it to Cookshop. I was too hungry waiting in the massive line so I only made it to taking pictures of the bloody mary(s) that Ben, Jodi and I ordered waiting for Kelly to get there. Mine was the BLT which was chock full of bacon infused vodka. Jodi’s was the Pickled Mary of which she says the pickled onion was the shining star and Ben’s was the “Popeye’s” which means that a hefty amount of cold pressed spinach found its way to his glass. I’m split on how worth a wait it was but they definitely got their Bloody Mary spot on. Also to note…one of the few brunch menus where you have the option of choosing between Huevos Rancheros and Shakshuka. Decisions, decisions.


Sunday means Cookshop Bloody Mary(s)

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