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[Lost in the Souks – Marrakech, Morocco]

December 28, 2016

Day two in Morocco and it’s even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. We woke up early again and got ready for the day’s activity. We did a lot of internet surfing to find our morning cooking class. We chose La Maison Arabe’s class which ironically ended up being about 200ft from our riad.

One very unique thing about Moroccans is that they always host and hosting means…mint tea! My absolute favorite thing about Marrakech was that there was mint tea everywhere. A marriage between decaffeinated green tea and a fistful of mint. (for some this is a lot more than a fistful). We learned the ceremony of pouring the green tea and discarding the bigger ones, a theme that resonated throughout our trip. Landing during our first leg, I found out some sad medical news but being in Morocco reminded us that there are some things we can’t change.

Making our way downtown! Well, actually just next door

Waiting in the courtyard, we were greeted by some cookies!

I figured you would want to see a close up of these cookies. Note many had already disappeared from being eaten.

So, on the menu that day: Mint tea ceremony, two salads, one hot, one cold. A chicken tagine, bathed in olives and herbs. Homemade Semolina bread. A coconut pastilla for dessert and lots of water!


Green tea time!

Making some bread!

Check out that salad (yes, it was hot)

We didn’t have many olives….just kidding

One shot of the kitchen taken on Ben’s iPhone

The final product

And…my coconut pastilla (that’s Ben’s hand! Mine aren’t huge)

After this, we went back to the souks of course! We finally made it to Jamaa El Fna this time. I should warn everyone there are a good number of snakes and snake charmers in the main square. Which I hated, obviously and panicked at the sight of them. Also, my hot tip for when you are in the square – absolutely get a fresh squeezed juice. I took the opportunity to get a bunch of purely pomegranate juices. Food is generally cheaper as well if you want to buy olives, cookies and spices as we did.

Back to the souks

I bought a rug! (not this one)

There are so many brilliant colors, the biggest downside is that suitcases need to be carried upon leaving.

On our way to Mederse Ben Youssef

Our almost last stop that day – Medersa Ben Youssef, formerly a college founded in the 14th century and was allied by a mosque. I have to say this is one of the most beautiful stops for us and we sat for a long time taking it in. The tiny rooms that once housed students transport you to a different time and place.

Dusty pink walls, the carvings are unbelievable up close.

I made Ben pose though he escaped many a picture

I have been collecting pictures of doors and tiles, be on the lookout for that next post!

Views from the room

The courtyard down below

Two more photos!

Ben fit absolutely nowhere (taken on iPhone)

I wish this was my swimming pool (taken on iPhone)

This is about where I gave up and sat down

Though Ben continued to take photos of me

We wandered a bit more through the souks, some of my favorite photos below…

I wanted to keep a cat so bad, terrible first world problems.

We bought a lot of spices, some Tumeric, spice mixes

Dried raisins were in almost all our tagines, hard to resist.

Corridors on Corridors

More rugs I did not buy

Almost there

**warning** not Argan oil for cooking, we almost made this mistake

Goodbye from Mr. Mustache, see you tomorrow Marrakech

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