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[Day Trip to Bolinas – Bolinas, CA]

August 17, 2017

A couple weekends ago we really had to escape the cold of San Francisco. Our neighbors have a love love relationship with Bolinas so we finally made our way. The hike? The hike to Alamere Falls, a ten-mile loop (probably actually 8 miles but we had to park far away and we got lost of course) Pictures after the jump.

Welcome to Bolinas!

But, we kept walking

This was probably a perfect treehouse, tree.

1 mile and counting

We actually stopped to look at the view

Ocean views

Little hills

We kept walking and eventually made it to the waterfall. Beware: there is a good bit of poison oak on this hike.

Woods here we come

Back into the woods, or rather, poison oak

Watching Ben and Brian charge ahead

The trees were lush, you almost forget drought filled times

The lake once we got more inland

It got a little woodsier…

The lake on the way back from our, um, detour

We finally went into the thick of it

For the record, I made it through unscathed by poison oak despite my poor outfit choice

Came out on the other side to this

The ocean!

Beach side – there is Brian, he is a tiny dot

Eventually, he came back up

Before we went home we stopped by Stinson Beach for food – I highly recommend the Siren Canteen.

We got milkshakes, fries and burgers as one does in a beach side restaurant with killer views.


We’re here!

Brian looking off into the distance, wishing we hadn’t walked ten miles

We came, we ate, we conquered


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