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[Halong Bay Cave Tour by Boat- Halong Bay, Vietnam]

January 2, 2018

Kayaking in Halong Bay was one of our favorite activities. We saw monkeys leaping across the top of the rocks and it was amazingly quiet and peaceful. We also had the chance to do a paddled boat tour of the bay that I couldn’t help but share. Honestly, I teed this up poorly, there will not be much in the way of kayaking below but stay tuned for the video soon!


Here are some photos of the boat tour, the woman paddling was in peak physical strength and as is common in Vietnam, with her feet in a counter-intuitive motion. It was amazing to be on the water but I also wanted to give credit to the physical feat this boat paddling was.

Headed out through this back of the boat launching pad

We hopped on this floating dock/house before launching.

There were fish and a sand shark basically growing to full size in this net.

Alright, time to go

Not appropriate footwear

I made Ben pose

He retaliated

All the boats from afar

Now or never?

The only thing between us and the water

Goodbye other boat

Into the caves we went

Back out the other side

All those hanging rocks out there in the universe

Alos caught this snap of little jagged edges to the boat.

Our captain’s right-hand man, taking a break.

Almost back

Back on the dock, goodbye for now bay.

The look back as our jetty pulled away.


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  • Ryan Biddulph January 2, 2018 at 5:04 pm


    Looks like so much fun. We missed Halong Bay but did enjoy Ninh Binh, not too far away. Different feel though as Halong is more open while NB is all about smaller streams.