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[Fall Time Adventures – New York, NY]

October 28, 2012

Hay is not in fact for horses. It seems its actually for riding on hayrides. After tricking Fran into thinking there was a “free shuttle” after a “short subway ride” – Kait, Fran & I arrived at Queens County Farm this weekend. I will disclaimer this post by saying that Fran was a good sport, his failed attempts at coping with the day led to some unfortunate moments with him but he decided to play along anyhow.

We strolled up to Queens County Farm and were greeted by actual fall foliage and the smell of roasting corn and apple cider.

Queens County Farm


It was bright out


We stepped into the general store before going forward so we could look at all the beeswax candles, candy and knick knacks which, let’s face it, are my favorite.

Kait in the store, I caught her by surprise

Bulbs & Candy


There were also some delicious veggies outside, sadly I did not carry them home….

And then we walked to the corn maze!

Kait snapped Fran & I by the sign


Most importantly we went to the corn maze. Fran decided to make the excursion bare-able by insisting on competing against Kait and I and staking an all you can eat sushi dinner. Note, we staked each buying him dinner and he staked buying us two dinners.

Fran getting his game face on as we find out whether we can compete

…….Fran got his way: this was Kait’s reaction

We got flags!

Heading into the maze…


Before going any further we were sat down for a “stalk talk”  by literally the most enthusiastic employee ever. We were told not to run which we tried our best to abide by as well as not smoking which would seem like common sense. Our guide warned us smoking was  a bad idea – she didn’t want “popcorn”. Anyhow – there were nine map pieces hidden as well as answers to a crossword puzzle that we had to pick up in order to complete the map before emerging victorious.

Lots of energy


We’re Off! (there was a small crowd we had to bypass at the start)


Fortunately there was a microphone and a man when we got to the bridge so we were able to give a “You’re a loser shout out to the whole maze”

And Fran lost, like this:


His this is unfair face

So after that it was definitely time for lunch. We skipped the hot dogs and such but were lured in by the gourmet grilled cheese truck. They made their own diet coke as well as other fancy sodas.

,Fran was upset twitter was down on the farm

Mmm grilled cheese with pumpkin butter

Then we took a little hayride since we picked a $14 package that included the corn maze, a pumpkin, hayride AND feeding the animals.

It’s bumpy

Little kids wishing it was a haunted hayride

It wasn’t that bumpy we still had time to take pics


Then we fed some of the animals:

Kait & The Piggies

Fran & The Alpaca

He secretly enjoyed it…

But he pretended not to……


Then at the end of the day we were rewarded with cherry pie and fresh apple cider. There were hot and cold options mmm

Cherry cherry pie



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