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[A Walk through Downtown Yangon – Yangon, Myanmar]

February 2, 2018

Sometimes the best experiences are when you wander through a town you don’t know. We were lucky enough to stop by HLA Day after our breakfast at Rangoon Tea House. I highly, highly encourage you to stop there, not only for the amazing and unique merchandise that all goes to a good cause but also because they have amazing free maps of downtown with graphic illustrations and easy walking paths.

Good morning, Yangon!!

We started by weaving through the streets of the city, attempting not to purchase things right at the start of the day

Note that there is a beautiful pagoda at this traffic circle but we didn’t have time to stop.

We kept on walking.

These are some of our favorite cut through streets

Many a cat was walking up on these balconies

Almost to lunch, aren’t you enjoying the gratuitous pictures?

Finally here…

I’m not sure where we got the recommendation for 999 Shan Noodle House but it was a good one. Note: There is a place called something like “999 Noodle” or “Noodles 999” literally next door but this one is wrong. Though I’m sure the food is also not bad in case you find yourself there and are disappointed when you read this. Also IMPORTANT!! the bathroom is in the kitchen, you must tell the hostess, wait by the door and then be waived through while the coast is clear by a second person cooking in the kitchen. May the odds be ever in your favor.

This was one of the better things we’d ever had, not just in the country but just generally speaking. The noodles were spicy and piping hot but honestly that kind of ends up bringing down your body temperature overall. Just so you get a clear picture I’ve made sure to include photos of Ben sweating some more. Lastly, this is yet another chance to eat these sticky rice balls that you can roll in sugar. Don’t miss your opportunities in life. If you are on vacation and going to eat badly, make them count.

Here we go, sweating x1000 (note how I’m not pictured here, I looked even worse)

And just like that, it’s all gone!

A look back at our delicious meal for posterity


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