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[Coffee Spotlight: Fourtill Coffee – Scottsdale, AZ]

November 11, 2019

What’s a good coffee without a good friend? Here’s our latest in the quest for cute coffee places around the world. I love that there is always a new place to discover, it really feels like Scottsdale doesn’t run out of options.

After many years of discussing our taking a girl’s trip, Kait and I finally made it happen! We were pleasantly surprised to find really cut coffee shops all over Scottsdale. It was the perfect setting for a peaceful catchup.

I got to snap away using my new camera and Kait got to ask for real milk with her coffee. Yes, my friend Kait is my last standing friend who drinks and requests room with real milk. This is one of my new favorite things about her now that I never see anyone order milk anymore. Before wander too far off the path chasing my stream of consciousness, back to the post!

Where: Fourtill Coffee, 7105 E. 1st Ave Scottsdale Arizona 85251

What: Iced Coffee and Granola

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