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[Coffee Guide: Sacramento, CA]

October 22, 2020

Throughout this quarantine period, we’ve been taking some trips up to the Sacramento/Folsom/Davis area and exploring some new coffee shops, happy to report that we’ve found a couple local favorites! After the jump, some of our top picks.

Temple Coffee

Address:  4201 H St, Sacramento, CA 95819 (there are three locations, we happen to visit this one most often)

Website: Temple Coffee Roasters

The order: Any coffee, the beans are 💯. We also highly recommend the seasonal lattes and gluten free treats.

Temple Coffee Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Our go-to orders are the GF Samoa donut, cold brews and Ben’s favorite…the chocolate covered espresso beans. For tea drinkers, this is also my very favorite spot for teas in the area. I had the Iced Citrus Black for pretty much my entire pregnancy, cannot more highly recommend it and I’m not usually a very big tea drinker.

Chocolate Fish Coffee

Address: 4749 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95819 (there is more than one location but the other is not standalone)

Website: Chocolate Fish Coffee

The Order: the coffee of course, the shop also roasting their own beans makes a huge difference. If you’re there we also recommend getting a chocolate fish of course and in recent times the chocolate hand sanitizer (please don’t eat this, I’m not trying to start a tide pod like wave 😉)

Chocolate Fish Coffee
Chocolate Fish Coffee

We love that Chocolate Fish Coffee roasts on site and had fun spin off products like coffee hand sanitizer. We’ll absolutely be back to hang out here in non covid times. We got the fish as a bit of a “well we’re here” purchase but it was actually perfectly bittersweet and delicious, I would happily use this fish to stir a latte if we weren’t such diehard cold brew/iced coffee drinkers.

The Mill

Address:  4201 H St, Sacramento, CA 95819 (there are three locations, we happen to visit this one most often)

Website: The Mill Sacramento

The order: The yeasted waffle looks like the clear winner but we of course ordered coffee. The coffee has a slight chocolate-y note to it so if you are a fan of Ritual in SF, this is a great foil in terms of taste.

This coffee shop was extremely covid safe. Around the corner was an awesome space mural – highly recommend if you are looking for an Instagram wall. In non-covid times there was a very cute brewery next door and an escape the room flanking the other side. We cannot wait to go back when things are better to explore the whole block.

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