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[Brunch spotlight: Pony Espresso -Santa Ynez, CA]

February 15, 2020

We spent a really lovely weekend with our friends Chris and Amy in the Santa Ynez Valley and stumbled upon a new coffee place. I love ponies, I didn’t have to go to Iceland to remind myself of this and it’s become an inside joke of sorts for us so really, despite the fact this coffee shop had great reviews, we went here purely based on the name alone. We were rewarded for our impulsive behavior.

What: Pony Espresso

Where: 3558 Segundo Street

The order: coffee! The coffee and teas are delicious. Iced of course.

We snuck away early int he morning, 100% because neither Ben or I can sleep in. We are trained by the alarm clock that is our dog to wake up right on the dot and consider going out groggily for a “walk”. We grabbed coffees for the house and stopped back by just enough for the airbnb cat who I was obsessed with to say hello (also for the airbnb horse I was obsessed with to clomp by, poop and say hello)

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