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[Brunch Spotlight: Pho 10 – Hanoi, Vietnam]

December 28, 2017

It wasn’t surprising to me given how light and warm it was that Pho was often a breakfast food. We usually don’t like to try out places that are incredibly popular on social media because it tends to be a bit of a let down to be honest but we were very pleasantly surprised with this social find.

There are so many opportunities to sit down in the street and have some pho, everything is honestly delicious but since Pho Ly Quoc Su aka Pho 10 (both the same, address/name sort of jumble on the internet) had such a buzz we decided to try it out ourselves. This one in my opinion had great meat and they clearly focused in on that as a specialty. Also it had chairs which sounds so silly but we were happy to have a respite after so many muggy days walking around.

Disclaimer: Be careful how you pronounce Pho, it can be FA or FO but one sounds like street, the other a swear word. We were told it was pha-oh technically but said in a quick way that we couldn’t quite replicate.

We ordered two heaping bowls and added in all the toppings as one does.

Here we are! Little preview of the restaurant working hard right before we got served a bowlful of happiness. In case you’re trying to spot it, that is the restaurant right across the street.

The view out the window…waiting for some delicious goodness.

Chiles are your friends, limes are your friends. Both are friends!

A couple close ups of these delicious bowls.

We headed back down this little side street straight after and it led to many other snacks.

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