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[Brunch Spotlight: Full of Life Flatbread – Los Alamos, CA]

November 3, 2019
Los Alamos Full of Life Flatbread

You must be thinking at this point that we pretty much only eat brunch. Well, it’s true, that is all we eat.

Kidding, of course, 😅 but we would if we could. Usually, when we’re at dinner, we actually don’t take our phones out or cameras. From the very beginning of Ben and I dating we never kept phones out on the table and even during the week, we make sure to have dinner together and catch up about our days. That, and you know, the lighting is terrible at night.

If you don’t know by now, we are constantly stopping at gluten-free filled stops. It was my lucky day because everything from coffee shops to randomly picked restaurants was unbelievable. The food in Los Alamos really took us by surprise.

Full of Life Flatbread can make flatbreads gluten-free or not but the best part is the cook of it. There is a nice brick oven-baked, crunchy crust to each pie. We love a good smoky crunch and if it has those blistered edges….well, I’m in heaven. It’s important to note that we also had a salad that Ben raves about but all I remember is the Coachella Valley Date and Bacon Flatbread that we ordered.

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