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[Brunch Spotlight: Brew Ha Ha! – Wilmington, DE]

November 1, 2017

So this is technically not a Pennsylvania post, it’s a Delaware post. That being said we went to a wedding that just straddled the line so within a ten-minute span of time we were in one state and then another. On one such stopover, we discovered our new coffee and breakfast pit stop for whenever we’re in town – Brew Ha Ha!

There are a few locations but the one in Trolley Square was our favorite (we swung by one or two) since it had ample seating and food.

Here are a few photos from our time there. We ordered a bowl and a salad, but, the real highlights are on the latte menu. We had some earlier in the day and forgot to snap them during our quick lunch stop but we highly recommend trying them out.

This gallery wall was easily my favorite part of the cafe

Some ladies who lunch were across from us.

Fresh Flowers!

The northeast has actual fall, we sometimes forget about seasons in California.

Ben’s Harvest Bowl

My cobb salad (it was delicious, highly recommend)

Bye, Brew Ha Ha!


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