[Boston Brews and Superbowl – Boston, MA]

February 10, 2014

On the road again. Well, at least on the bus again. While I have built a tolerance for snow and tourists stopping abruptly( and arbitrarily) on a sidewalk…my hatred for buses has yet to dissipate. Despite this, we made our way to Ben’s parents house for the weekend, some good food and the Superbowl.


We kicked off the day in Newton. I had been on Thrillist the week before and run across this article. We decided to swing by Hopster’s but I hadn’t fully understood how unique the concept was until we were actually there. The idea of “Brews + Boards” makes sense as you can have boards of cheese or charcuterie (in our case a flatbread) and enjoy some brews BUT the best part was watching people actually brew their own beer and label their own creations. I see visions of a “Deb-Brew” dancing in my head….. I’ll let you browse the pictures while I get carried away.

Brewing in Boston

Brewing in Boston


It's important to pick out the right tools

It’s important to pick out the right tools





And serve!

And serve!

Ben and I tried a flight, among which was a Ginger Beer and my new favorite cider....well, ever

Ben and I tried a flight, among which was a Ginger Beer and my new favorite cider….well, ever

The end

The end

Of course the wall says "Brew"

Of course the wall says “Brew”


As per tradition Ben and I had the responsibility of finding the most disgusting frosted cake for the Superbowl the next day. Of course, it makes sense that these needed props, I took it upon myself to disregard who was actually playing in the game and decorate it with a plastic re-enactment of the revolutionary war. This meant Quincy Market’s Boston themed store and another quick trip to Flour Bakery (one of my Beantown favorites).

Quincy Market Lobsters, home of my plastic men

Quincy Market Lobsters, home of my plastic men

Flour Bakery

Flour Bakery

BONUS: Some person we had never met before insisted on taking our picture and put it on his Instagram. Despite his wife’s clear awkwardness (indicating this is a reoccurring public situation for her), we thought it was quite funny and hey… if my dad had 6500 followers, good for him.

I finally stopped taking photos as we had a brief stopover in the Brookstone reclining massage chairs and then rounded out the evening by going over to Ben’s best friend Mike’s house where we played Cards Against Humanity.




As tradition goes, Ben’s family eats meat….all day on Superbowl Sunday. [Chicken not included, this would be a waste of space and protein]

Pork tips, lamp, nachos, you name it, it was on the grill. Here are a few snaps from the day. I got a little bit lazy and I’m sure you can guess why…


Mike’s reaction to Instragram, immortalized


Let there be…fire.

photo 4(1)

Excuse all my iPhone photos, gotta love a fire pit


The final results of the Patriots invading the Superbowl cake

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