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[A Weekend in Amish Pennsylvania – Leola, PA]

November 26, 2014

So a bit belated but Ben and I took a weekend near Lancaster, PA for a anniversary getaway. Amish country was kindof the best excuse to take a break from the fast pace of New York and get to wind down to haggling over canned fruits and butters.

After what seemed like a long drive now that the sun sets around 3 PM, we stopped for dinner on the way to our little inn. We learned first hand the perils Foursquare in remote locations. My favorite comment despite the 9.0 rating were:

“If you’re looking for hot women this ain’t the place for you.”

“Golden Coral on steroids”

We also learned what a Smorgasbord was…a dinner place that closes at 7 PM. The best way to describe Shady Maple Grove’s Smorgasbord is a one part cantine style, two part Cracker Barrel store full of knick knacks. For me this was the best part, it was full of jars and amazing furniture. The food, was, well more entertaining than edible but we had an absolute blast.


The future is sterile and oddly smells like chicken pot pie


Smorgasborg Style


It’s all about the chow chow

And taking the time to sit back and relax

And taking the time to sit back and relax

We made it to Leola Inn and were greeted by a hot tub, roaring fire and a box full of desserts. It was perfect. I couldn’t recommend this place more. Each room was unique and special and had that perfect inn feeling. The first picture is off the site, the others are mine. I give you the Inn at Leola Village

Our room is in there! [via Facebook]

Our room is in there! [via Facebook]


Home sweet Leola Inn


I want one in every room


Punny boxes


that deliver on the punch line

We of course got up for the complimentary breakfast which turned out to be very homemade and delicious. The frittatas and other goods came in gluten free options and were complemented by pumpkin bars and such. Can you even read this without wanting to move into the lobby?


Everything is Christmas


Breakfast time!

After that we headed to Lancaster, PA which was detoured by a side trip to Intercourse, PA. Home of the pretzel factory where the one room factory is offers a free tour and shows you how to twist a pretzel. Overall would not recommend this, the pretzels are to die for but the strange sullen tour where no pictures are allowed despite there being nothing secretive going (they also explain the entire process) was not for us. We did however get a picture of our pretzels after we twisted them and proudly wore our pretzel twister stickers.


Welcome to the pretzel factory where their signs do them no favors


Mustards of every kind


Pretzel time!


Our masterpieces…well Ben’s got cut out of the picture (his was lankier)


There were alternatives, I’ll be back Sugar N’Spice, I’ll be back…




I seemed confused

We then headed into Lancaster, and stopped by two different Farmer’s markets along the way. One was very local with many Amish farmers and one was much more modern. We also stopped for a quick lunch at Prince St. Cafe. Great great coffee.


Hello farmer’s market


Jams of course, the pear butter was the best


More more food


Peanut butter!!!!


Meat, meat, meat

Prince Street Cafe and a quick pop into Lancaster Brewing for a local sampler.


We made it downtown


A sip of the sampler





Prince St. Cafe


Iced coffee at it’s finest

After all the fun was done, it was time to say goodbye…


Goodbye buggies and pickled eggs


Goodbye $3 haircuts


Goodbye Farmer’s Markets


Did I mention the Inn was on Deborah Drive? Oh, well then, it is. The end.


So good they named it after me

So good they named it after me

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