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[A Stay At The Laylow – Waikiki, Oahu]

March 27, 2020

We always like to do a little hotel review when we stay somewhere so of course, Oahu is no different. We stayed in Waikiki thinking it might be a little less rainy. Rain, however, is always part of any Hawaii vacation, it’s what makes everything lush and beautiful. That being said there are certainly drier parts of the island. We wanted to stay at a bit of a boutique hotel feeling spot but with amenities, since we had to be flexible traveling post my event.

The Laylow had its pros and cons – we loved so many things about the amenities: free shave ice samples, frozen fruit at different times. Really lovely designs with a nice cocktail are and fantastic statement wallpaper. We also loved that the hotel came with a complimentary basket of local snacks and flip flops as well as water. The one downside is that parking in the area is quite tough and parking at the hotel is valet only at $50 a day. We should have really pre-done our research but that was the sticker shock we got onsite despite a great deal on the hotel itself. While there are somewhat cheaper options around, this is essentially your only option for going in and out freely throughout the day so I’d certainly factor this cost into booking.

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