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[A Socially Distanced Wine Tasting – Sacramento, CA]

July 8, 2020

It’s been a tough few months of mostly being inside our home with the exception of neighborhood walks. Over the months of having yet to step into a grocery store, we expanded our “pod” to my parents who live north of us (but not quite Sacramento). They also have not been grocery shopping or venturing outside so in a few no stop trips, we see each other either at our home or theirs.

After a few months living in California and having never seen anything, my dad finally requested an experience of any kind that wasn’t waiting on a delivery from Amazon. We opted for a (very heavily researched) trip to a safe winery in Sacramento. We ended up going with Scribner Bend Vineyards in Sacramento as we had our dog with us and we didn’t want to eat indoors.

A Sip in the Sun

Where: 9051 River Rd, Sacramento, CA 95832

What: A winery! (dogs allowed, food served and lots of outdoor space)

Here were our top takeaways:

  • Reservations only! This made a big difference, we were able to sit (way more than 6 feet apart) and all the tables are outdoors
  • You can order food at the bar and the plates and cutlery are all disposable
  • There is a separate line to order alcohol and one to receive it. The winery was also not doing tastings but bottles were fairly priced so it is simple enough to take a chance on a $20 bottle and sip it slowly between several people.
  • The grounds are beautiful and a really nice way to enjoy being outdoors with everyone masked up and relaxing alongside you.

We ordered the cheese plate to share, some polenta fries and a salad. What we really liked is how hard the winery tried, it felt very safe and honestly it was so nice to be served food in any form.

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