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[4 Things To Do In Los Alamos This Fall – Los Alamos, CA]

November 20, 2019

We spent a quick but activity-filled weekend in Los Alamos. Fall was the perfect time to take a break. Between amazing meals and leisurely activities, we can’t say enough good things. We’ll definitely be back.

There are so many things to do in Los Alamos. Some people go for the wine tastings, some go to relax in the paraben-free glow of hip bath products and scenic views. With a buffet menu of wellness activities to choose from, we narrowed our suggestions down to these five.

Sip Some Local Wines 🍷

What: Wine Tasting! There are several great options for wine tasting (though during our particular visit Bodega was closed for a private event, there were several weddings happening so we couldn’t quite get to all of the wine tastings we wanted to try) If you make it to Casa Dumetz, try the apple wine. They were out when we were there but it was top of our list. We had some highs and lows of this experience so we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments if you’ve been. We loved the little conversation starter table games and that it was connected to Babi’s Beer Emporium.

Where: Casa Dumetz, Bodega

Antiquing Deep Dives 🛒

What: Antiquing in Los Alamos is a must. We had so much fun almost buying things that we really didn’t need. After our stop at the Antique Depot Mall, we thought there was no way we cared to keep going but found ourselves stopping for a second antique stop that lasted even longer.

Where: Antique Depot Mall and Sisters Gifts & Home

Go For a Hike! 🚶

What: A hike! You may even get a very cool ID as Ben did for your troubles.

Where: Well, the truth is Ben has this trail map – he is going to give it to me he says but he has not 😉 Please DM me for details.

Drink Fresh Lemonade in Los Olivos 🍋

What: Just one town over, in Los Olivos, taste test some fun and fresh-squeezed lemonades. The stand even has a club membership like a winery. We tried the blueberry lemonade but you can also try more off the beaten path flavors like jalapeno. While in town, make sure to also try J. Woeste, our absolute favorite store in town. I won’t even spoil the surprise by explaining it. If you buy nothing, it’s simply worth it to walk through.

Where: Los Olivos Lemonade Stand

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