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[We time traveled to the old west in California – Pioneertown, CA]

May 1, 2017

To any outlaw tryin’ to draw, thinkin’ you’re bad,
Any draw on West best with a pen and a pad,
Don’t even think about it, six gun, weighin’ a ton,
10 paces and turn, just for fun, son,
Up till sundown, rolling around,
See where the bad guys ought to be found and make ’em lay down,
The defenders of the west,
Crushin’ on pretenders in the west,
Don’t mess with us ’cause we’re in the Wild Wild West


Yes, I kicked this post off with Wild, Wild West and I think Will Smith would be okay with it. We took a stroll through Pioneertown over the long weekend and subsequently should have stayed for a show that night at Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace where there would be a surprise performance by Lorde. To look at it, you would think it was just a hole in the wall beer watering hole.

Some background: Pioneertown began as a movie set in the 1940’s, not so surprising if you see this in person. Since then it has become a bit of a tourist mecca. The best part is that there are functioning businesses here – the Saddlery has saddles, the shop has little trinkets and Pappy and Harriet’s is fully operational. There is even a real USPS post office in this little town.

Without further ado, here are some photos and before that – movies shot in Pioneertown you might recognize:

  • Annie Oakley
  • The Cisco Kid
  • The Gene Autry Show
  • Upcoming: Best F(r)iends

On the road again! We stopped by a few vintage stores and grabbed breakfast.

First, we stopped by Frontier Cafe which is a great must-stop when in town.

We’re officially in town

I took many shots of Ben strolling around

As you can see I had my camera set on the wrong setting and every picture was blown out 🙁

That didn’t stop us from having fun though

Some of these businesses were functioning

Across the street from this was a functional post office

We almost stayed at this cute motel.

Ben had a harder time around town…

Goodbye, Pioneertown!

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