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[Throwback Thursday: Soda Pops]

September 19, 2012

I’m reviving some memories from my first year in NYC, before I knew where things were and when I thought it was a great idea to move in below my then 90 year old landlord in Crown Heights with my roommate Kait.

Of course being in Crown Heights we had the great fortune of being by a massive grocery stores that housed a variety of goods that I thought weren’t even in production any more. [hint: you can still go there for Dunkaroos. completely serious.]

Below you’ll find the delicious world of sodas I had never seen before and my sipping reviews. Think of it as a wine tasting but of fine fine sodas.


Banana Soda: B

Okay, let me start off by saying I dislike bananas and even more so banana flavored anything because they tend to taste bland in real life. By the time  the flavor is manufactured into a snack or candy it just tastes yellow. All in all, not bad. The flavoring is not over the top and I can’t think of anything I would want to drink this with other then maybe chocolate but it holds great promise in a tropical mixed drink.

 Merengue Soda : C

I have high hopes for this soda because I love meringues – however this is probably not meant to taste like meringues.  Verdict: this tastes exactly like the powdery funsticks that fundip packets come with. I haven’t decided if I like it or not but this is actually very similar to Sprite or Mountain Dew but with an extra dose of sugar.

Jamaican Ginger Beer Soda : F
Now that my mouth has been coated in two layers of sugar it’s a pretty safe bet I will be biased heading into this. I am hoping it will taste like root beer, well, actually I’m assuming it will taste like root beer and anything else will confuse me. Sidenote the label says its naturally and artificially flavored soda. Verdict: That tastes terrible. AWFUL. It actually tastes like ginger, I couldn’t imagine it being better in anyway.


Coconut Juice with “pulp” : A-
I’m cheating and trying juice because this bottle looked ridiculously cool and has chunks of coconut in it. I saved it for last because it seemed like the most edible…er drinkable. Verdict: Interesting taste. You definitely have to be in the mood for this but I think it would spice up a small dinner party. I love that it’s subtle and not overly sweet PLUS it has floating chunks of coconut which immediately bumps it up a notch in my book. Note: you may need a manual to remove this cap, its an ikea style adventure: looks simple but actually impossible.


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