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[The Airport Layover Guide – Singapore]

December 1, 2017

When you’re jetlagged, filled with sodium heavy meals and have been flying for anything more than ten hours, the best relief is a great airport. We always try and fly through a major international hub when we’re traveling somewhere because they generally have great amenities and a ton of flights in case plans need to change last minute. Spoiler alert – this happens often when traveling.

In honor of our most recent layover, I snapped a few photos through Changi Airport’s newest terminal, Terminal 4.

Now to be fair, all the terminals are amazing. Terminal 3 has a Butterfly Garden, Movie Theater playing free movies and a fun hawker center replica area of Singapore Street Food. We happened to walk through Terminal 4 on our way to Hanoi so we focused in on that. Before we start, here are the best tips.

  • If you’re flying Singapore Airlines, you might be eligible for free spending money at the airport. Check here for this. Your ticket also guarantees a number of discounts in the city itself
  • The airport offers free sightseeing tours
  • Terminal 4 is meant to be the airport where you shouldn’t have to speak to a single human from entry to airplane
  • If you’ve gone through the airport before, you can scan your fingers through the automated boarding gates which is quick and easy.,


Here are a few of our favorite snaps from the new terminal. We ended up eating at the food court this time at Ma Mum (partly because it’s halal which means Ben gets off not having an allergic reaction to shellfish regardless of what he orders). We had laksa because how can you go to Singapore and not? That being said we’re also fans of London Fat Duck, don’t let the name deter you, the char siew is to die for. Also if you’re in a pinch and need to buy souvenirs on the way home, the best stop in that terminal for a great pickup is Bee Cheng Hiang (for the bakwah!)

Welcome to Changi, Terminal 4!

Firstly and most importantly, Ben sits down for his free whiskey tasting

He expectedly tried a few Japanese whiskies, some he’d not seen before so good job with the selection terminal 4.

Turns out this was common and we stopped at the first opportunity to try a tasting. (yes, tastings are all free, yes we are tourists).

There is a massive Twinnings outpost here as well.

We checked out the upstairs because it was lunchtime already.

The cafeteria….

Buns to tide us over.

Ben’s Nasi Lemak

Laksa! When in Singapore, you definitely always Laksa, at least once. Coconut broth, noodles, fish cakes. It’s what plane dreams are made of.


Moving on from our many breaks for eating, we went downstairs to the shops. There is an area that’s a recreation of the Heritage Center in Singapore’s Chinatown and looks like the street front as well. Many colors, little time. The plane’s almost here!

Back downstairs…

Through this magical forest. Note: the butterfly garden in the other terminal has real butterflies (big ones)

Some food samplings down here.

Clearly we had already made the mistake of eating…

Shopping happened here. Goodbye Terminal 4, thanks for the fun times!

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