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[Surviving Sandy – Guest Blogger]

October 31, 2012


Guest Blog: Johnel Clemente

Findling’s Finds contributor, Johnel was a bit trapped the past two days in his Brooklyn apartment with his fiancee – he documented his experience below. I being in the unfortunate world of news had to keep carrying on so I was working through the storm – thankfully indoors unlike some of my former local news coworkers who waded through dangerous and disgusting waters. The impact of this storm, although not felt by all was tremendous in many parts of NYC and surrounding states.

Hurricane Sandy may have closed down bridges and subways, knocked out power to millions and even took lives, but for many, it was just a lot of time indoors. Something that doesn’t happen a lot in this mile-a-minute world.


You can follow Jong’s feed @el_jong or visit his website

Here are some more pictures divided up by person and place from the past two days, some are my own, some were sent over by friends:


A spooky and empty UES as taken by my roomate Kait

The Partial Crane Collapse at W57th – snapped by Fran on the way to work

I was trapped in New Jersey at the Holiday Inn which mind you lost power. Despite it losing power in the middle of the night and us running back up and down to the sixth floor, I did get this hilarious set of photos of my coworker peeking out at the sky flashing different colors:

Scary outside…


To end on a happier note I’m throwing in some of the leftover pics from Halloween and the result of our pumpkin adventure. There were some happy times before this long long week:

My Angry Bird Pumpkin…he is angry at Sandy

Kait’s K pumpkin and Fran’s @ Pumpkin : @K…star?

And just a few from Halloween…

The girls: double minnies,a flapper & tootsie owl

Patrice & Pierre (he is wig-less)

Kait & I

Patrice & I… I couldn’t help from Instagramming


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