New York

[Super Bowl Sunday – New York, NY]

February 6, 2012

It’s become apparent that if I’d like to be on a diet all I need to do is move back in with my old roommates Ben and Alex. They come equipped with Jake – a black lab collie mix whose favorite activities include rolling over for a belly rub, barking at squirrels and watching you longingly as you eat food in front of him.


Kait and I brought over beer and mint chocolate chip ice cream after being told not to bring food. Brian in return made a fifteen course Superbowl Sunday feast. Here are a few pics of his brie + apricot baked bread, mango salsa, shrimp a la Pabst Blue ribbon and chicken wings giant drumsticks.

After a night of not so great commercials, good friends and a few beers – we were kindly ushered out under air soft gun fire. All in all a successful night.

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