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[Morning Snorkels & The Drive To Haleakala Crater – Maui, Hawaii]

March 13, 2017

Snorkeling seems like such an obvious thing to do in Hawaii but it does get a tad tricky. The first time we visited Maui we missed our window entirely. This time we wanted to make sure we didn’t miss our opportunity.

I recommend going into town and renting some snorkels and fins though if you don’t mind paying the premium, you can absolutely just grab some to rent from the hotels on the beach. We had a car so it was easy to shuttle it back to downtown Lahaina. The best place to snorkel is along the cove line which you’ll see is also a place kids jump off and into the water. We went early in the morning, just after sunrise and we weren’t disappointed.

Yes, we did see some sea turtles! Here are a few snaps that we took on our case covered phones.

The rock from which the kids jump

The green water filled with fish and sea turtles

Ben caught me coming up for air

After that, we headed to one of our favorite places on the island for breakfast – Choice Health Bar. Also, to satiate my growing obsession with Acai bowls covered in seasonal fruit. Mmmm.

Back to Choice! Where we pretty much always make the same choice…

Acaiiii bowls for the win.

Bye, acai bowls filled with fresh papaya and lilikoi [taken on iPhone]

So after a morning of snorkeling and acai bowl breakfast, we swung by our hotel and changed for our drive to the crater. What better to do then to stop by for pie on the way? Our must stop for every time we’re in Maui is Leoda’s Pies. The pies are as delicious as you can imagine and we’re also huge fans of Top Chef’s Sheldon Simeon so here we are again, eating pie. There’s also a pop up market happening in the parking lot so about an hour’s worth of time went up in a second.

We stopped by a beach on the way there and I had some terrible coffee that Ben through away he was so repulsed by it.

Then, we made it to Leoda’s

Had pie for lunch which I didn’t regret

And did not buy bananas even though it was unbelievably tempting.

After this, we walked around for a little bit and finally made our way to Haleakala Crater. Due to some thyroid problems I was having, we didn’t make it all the way up to the crater. You can imagine how unhappy I was about this.I just didn’t want to chance it at a 10,000 foot elevation. Instead, we pulled over to the side of the road and watched the sunset. Not a terrible runner up prize…

It was a beautiful day

We got above the cloud line, something I’m not sure I thought I’d have tried in my lifetime

The clouds started taking off in the wind as the sunset

Ta-da sunset!

We started making our way down

Goodbye Haleakala

Almost there

This isn’t the sun setting as much as it is us driving below the clouds.

And now, we’re below the clouds


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