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[Brunch Spotlight: Butcher’s Daughter, Venice Beach – Los Angeles, CA]

June 6, 2017

We had a short amount of time to run some errands in LA recently and then drive back up to San Francisco. We took advantage and met up with our friends, ate a bunch of Korean bbq and shopped around Abbot Kinney.

Our first stop? This adorable Airbnb. I can’t say enough good things about it! (Send me a message if you’d like to rent it yourself, happy to send you the link.) We stayed on the fringe of Venice and Marina Del Rey in a very cute and quiet bungalow. A few pictures below…


I took a picture in the backyard, it was a mini oasis in the city

Airbnb’s are always key

Ben sitting on the bed, waiting for me to wrap it up so we can go…

Heading out!

When we got a chance, we made our way down to Abbot Kinney which is the main strip of shops and restaurants in Venice. We’re huge fans of Venice and Santa Monica, I imagine if we lived in LA this is exactly where we’d want to be.

My coworker has been raving about The Butcher’s Daughter, a restaurant that pegs itself as a “vegetable slaughterhouse”. We weren’t disappointed…from juices to yummy vegetarian lunch, you forget this is a plant based restaurant completely. (I’m speaking for my fiance who really needs meat at every meal)

I’m finding out from these sideways pictures that I’m a lopsided human

Checking out the menu, wrapped in plastc so you can still eat on it and not mind spilling

The Macro Bowl

The surfer’s breakfast aka a burrito

The juices were delicious, we didn’t regret trying the juice flight instead of committing to just one juice. $10 of happiness right there



Juice flight, I remembered halfway through that I should take a photo.


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