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[Swimming Upstream – New York, NY]

April 5, 2013

Before I go ahead and dive into this post I thought I’d share a moment I love from one of my favorite movies “Big Fish”. Some of the good fortune I’ve gotten lately and wonderful changes that have been made inspired it.

EDWARD: My muscles couldn’t keep up with my bones, and my bones couldn’t keep up with my body’s ambition.

YOUNG EDWARD: “Kept in a small bowl, the goldfish will remain small. With more space, the fish can grow double, triple, or quadruple its size.”

EDWARD: It occurred to me then, that perhaps the reason for my growth was that I was intended for larger things. After all, a giant man can’t have an ordinary-sized life.

Well, it seems I’ve finally settled into my new apartment, one vegas trip and fifty thousand coffees later. I may be living out of boxes but it was worth it! As it happens however I haven’t had a chance to see my old roomie Fran in a minute so we decided to try out the UWS Mermaid Inn.

Despite the lobster shortage we definitely enjoyed ourselves.




Staving off our hunger with crackers & butter


If only it wasn’t so dark, hence, blurry in there


We got a seat in the back which was nice and quiet. The only down side was for me and my having to bump my ISO to an unreal setting.  Apologies for all the blurriness…

Since it was happy hour we decided to dive into these $3 shrimp corn dogs… definitely amazing but not our favorite after we tried some of the other options.


Shrimp Corndogs, Seafood tapas style


The Old Bay Fries were covered in magical spices, had a nice savory quality to it.


Old Bay Fries


Here come the oysters


Of course happy hour meant $1 oysters, we got 10 of the east coast and splurged for the $1.75 west coast oysters on our last six. Whether or not you are a fan of oysters, these were FRESH


East to West


Not seen here was maybe our favorite item – the $3 “Mermaid Tacos” which were in a crunchy delicious shell and filled with a grilled tilapia. Needless to say we order seconds. We decided to split a lobster roll in the end because we clearly no longer have self control but they were accommodating and split them up on different plates.




Fran did not enjoy my photoshoot but he played along


It was quite dark but we felt like we were seaside in our not so warm NYC Spring

Just thought I’d throw in some fun facts here – if you go on…

Monday: 20% of your meal with social media codeword (see Facebook)

Tuesday: Crab Boil (seasonal) Old Fashioned Maryland Crab Boil Bucket of Blue Crabs, potatoes, corn & cornbread for $24

And of course Happy Hour specials between 5-7 PM weekdays 🙂

Since The Mermaid Inn doesn’t have dessert so they give out some little pudding cups with cream. They came with one of my favorite novelties – a fortune fish which seems fitting for both the restaurant and my Big Fish post.


Cup a cup a


My fish curled up – I’m passionate.

Sorry I’ve been a tad behind, stay tuned – I’ll make attempts to upload those vegas trip pics this week, until then!

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