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[Let’s Do The Time Warp]

January 26, 2012

Within the next couple days we won’t be able to say “Happy New Year” anymore so I’ve decided to squeak in a few of my NYC hangouts from this past year heading into February.

First up: My pick for the best Vietnamese Ban Minh Sandwich in New York is @baoguetteNYC in the East Village – everything from the Vietnamese coffee to the toasted sesame shakes makes this place the best for comfort food on the cheap.

Click me for site.

These next are not quite my favorites but definitely worth a trip…

After living in Crown Heights for my first year in NYC, you better believe I made it a habit to trek to Junior’s for some serious cheesecake. To my surprise they also make a mean corned beef & sauerkraut ‘which that could come a decent second to Katz.

In all fairness you should really be visiting the Junior’s in Brooklyn, not the mini tourist version in midtown.

And lastly for a little dessert on the way out head to Led Zeppole’s on 14th street, press your nose up to the glass and pick out something you’d like to deep fry and spend the day digesting. Mmmmm.

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