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[Coco Le Vu? – New York, NY]

August 24, 2012

Good news all! I’m back! Since my trip to Vegas life has kept me very busy – work life upgrades, friends visiting and a exhausting break up later I officially have time to blog again. With that I wanted to feature a very cute place near where I live that is not completely out of place for East Harlem but feels relatively out of place for our time period.

I first ran across a listing for Coco Le Vu in a Groupon – being the curious journalist I am and seeing the neighborhood I couldn’t believe the location was so close to where I was. A candy shop? While I wasn’t sold at first, the retro candy, themed decorations and well….  the fudge sold me.

Having the good fortune of ending my day early yesterday – I had enough time to grab lunch with Patrice. Yes, Patrice from my D.C post who has finally moved to New York! After a weekend of going out and learning the dangers of walking endlessly in heels – we opted for a laid back dinner instead. Patrice picked out Maison off Broadway between 52nd and 53rd street and although I was wary walking through some of the Times Square tourists at first – it was wonderful food. In the most obvious way – we both got a giant bowl of mussels & fries.

Bread was necessary and it came with a delicious hot pepper butter

Nothing goes better with mussels than fries

And just a few of us…

In case you were curious, I got the Mariniere Mussels – steamed with white wine, sherry vinegar, shallots and butter. Patrice got the Provencale Mussels – steamed with white wine, diced tomatoes, spanish onions, red peppers and herbs. Mmmm! With that – happy weekend to you all!

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