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[Haleakala National Park, Pipiwai Trail to Waimoku Falls – Maui, Hawaii]

February 7, 2017

We’re back in Maui! Thanks to a fortuitous flight deal, we made it there for the long weekend and boy was it worth it. After checking into our favorite hotel, just by the town of Paia, we got a good night’s sleep before our few days in our happy place.

I cannot say first of all, how much I love Foodland. It’s a grocery store but it’s more than that. I love browsing their spam musubi (and other musubi) section, the store made mochi and finally, the best life hack of all, the incredible poke.

We ate breakfast at the hotel and made our way into Haleakala National Park. This would be one of two trips in this stay in Maui. The roads are breathtaking in a good and bad way. Be sure you get a car with a high lift if this is the path you want to take in. We ventured into the park to the the Pipiwai trail to Waimoku Falls, I’ve tagged the blog that inspired us to head onto this path. I’ve been dealing with some new medication which means I can’t do a strenuous hike so this one was perfect, a massive banyan tree, bamboo forest and of course the waterfall but without all the exhaustion. If you have a bathing suit, bring it! If it is warm enough to swim in January, it definitely is most of the rest of the year.

Back at the Lumeria

I ate these caramacs and they were the best ever

Standard breakfast. An aside – I love Hawaiian granola, I brought some back and had it almost twice a day

Ben got caught in a bad moment

Time to hit the road

What they call greenery

About two hours into drive en route to jungle

Making our way (I took pictures from inside the car, can you tell?)

We past near ocean

Just some massive cliffs

Finally making it in…

The hike begins

Most of pictures of me are just me not looking back at Ben

Quick peek at the waterfall on the way

Gotta say, view is worth it

Made Ben pose

And then, massive massive tree!

Which reminds me of one of my favorite pictures of course

We pushed on

Made our way into the bamboo forest

Which was okay I guess


Just fine, nothing to see here..

Except, this waterfall up close, the end.

We also stopped by this fruit stand on the way out, it is adorable and the guys working there are super friendly. They do a lot of off-menu additions like my fresh squeezed juice with lilikoi added in. Be forewarned, things are more expensive than they seem but again, there is kind of a monopoly here and the goods are delicious so I say, go for it!

Going bananas

And lilikoi and tangelos

My juice

Goodbye fruit stand, you were good to us.

Back from our 2-hour drive into the forest, we decided to grab lunch at a local and Food Network’s Bizarre Foods favorite – Da Kitchen. As with most of the island, spam is the star so I highly recommend the deep fried spam musubi. We of course also ordered some other things and everything is massive. One entree, especially of the mocos is a lot.

Spam. musubi. I should say actually, deep fried spam musubi…

A blurry close-up

And of course, the Kalua pork plate



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