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[ How to get to Bernal Heights Hill – San Francisco, CA]

July 25, 2017

Ben and I made our way up to Bernal Heights Hill a bit ago and I thought I’d finally share photos. We’d been meaning to go and we weren’t disappointed. This was easily one of my favorite mini hike/walks in the city. For those of you that aren’t familiar, there are swings around the city that people try and spot. Here is a good round up of them if one isn’t enough.

First, we ate lunch. I would usually not include this but given how delicious it was here are a few photos of what we chose. You could always pick something up and bring it on your hike. Edit: I would usually do this.

First, we eat. Dessert came free and we are going back to buy a bag full of these, they were amazing.

Ben got a torta nad I got these Enchiladas

Ben’s Torta


Apparently, Ben’s meal came with two sandwiches


Now that we’re finally done eating, we head up to Bernal Heights Hill, without further ado, here are photos:

The view from the bottom…

We wound up the path to the top


were not


Ben took a break and sat on a bench, not as wing.

Ok bye, swinging now.

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