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[Dollar Eats: Brooklyn’s Chinatown – New York, NY]

April 8, 2012

It was a beautiful Saturday and I was craving some bubble tea. Unfortunately as any New Yorker knows, there is no way to get actual anything let alone bubble tea or dim sum in Chinatown without feeling like you opted out of the scanner at the airport. So this brings me to my decision to insist we ride the subway down to Sunset Park in Brooklyn for their much more laid back Chinatown.

One little known resource I love to use are the Time Out NY walks. Check out this link for the full list of dollar eats in Sunset Park’s Chinatown.

Moving on, our first stop after a little bit of walking was….bubble tea!

Taking a walk…

The big straws are far superior to the small ones

Finally….some peach black tea, yum!

The bubble tea place was not on the list but for $2/$3 so worth the “splurge”. We kept on walking and hit up the chain bakery – Dragon Bay Bakery which I believe also has some stores in Manhattan’s Chinatown as well as Flushing. The biggest difference is that no one is trying to sell you anything, there are no crowds and the food is still cheap and delicious. Below are our $1 hot dog croissant and jasmine honey iced tea.

Hot cross buns

We continued along and stopped at a street meat cart which was by far the best decision that day:

Two words: Stinky Tofu

A day of walking, bubble teas and a new phone case later, we moved along to Williamsburg where we walked around before finally capping off our day with a Brooklyn style hipster dinner.

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