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[Hiking the Cottonwood Spring – Joshua Tree, CA]

May 10, 2017

Last post from our extended Palm Springs weekend. We spent a few days in the desert so of course, we had to make a pass through Joshua Tree. If it had been any other weekend, we would have rented an Airbnb out in that area if it wasn’t so crazy from Coachella.


Cottonwood Springs Oasis is a quick and beautiful trail to do when you have just a few hours. It’s a pretty easy loop and takes you past an old relic of the California gold rush – an abandoned mine.


We headed out early

The sun came up just as we headed into Joshua Tree

We started out into the palms

View is not so bad when you look up

Stopped to take a look around at the sun rose in the sky

But…still stopped to smell the desert flowers. Note this would have been a great time to make a Sting joke but I couldn’t get past desert rose.

Two roads diverged in the woods, we chose the one most traveled

Great road

The succulents were on fire

Hard not to admire them

The sun started coming up

It opened up some amazing views

Ben climbed up to this landing

Ben is at the top and I am here where it is cold

He eventually came down

Made it to the abandoned mine

Was a bit scary thinking people would go in here though, a tad dangerous

Saw this cool tree

Took this cute selfie at the end of the trail which turns into sand by the way

Then, made our way back down to the valley

Bye, Cottonwood Springs

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