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October 25, 2012

“Beauty is Pain” or at least that’s what my Grandma used to say, believe it or not in French, some things are universal after all. We had the chance to swing by the Rent The Runway Launch Party for their new extension into “Our Runway” and wonderfully they are one of the people out there making the pain go away.

For those of you who aren’t familiar – Rent The Runway is a sort of “Netflix of Couture” you can rent a designer gown to an event like a wedding or prom that you would only wear once, often for under $100 despite its actual value being in the thousands. Their newest feature allows you to sort real women who have previously rented the dresses by height and cup size so that you can actually see what your rental would look like on someone who isn’t a 6’1” model.

NOTE: They actually pulled off something very cute where you could rent a free dress just for the night but mine showed up and didn’t fit sadly. Since my invite went to my spam for so long I opted to wear my own dress, sadly I didn’t have time to trade it for a different one but definitely check out Kait’s

“Showstopper” & “Picture Perfect” Cocktails – love that mine had rosemary in it


Fully Equipped Make Up Stations


We thought a really nice touch was the presentation shortly into event. Several girls got up as a photo from the event they wore the dress to flashed behind them and they described where they originally wore the rental. It was a nice way to see how different girls had different experiences with the same great dress.

Real Girls – Real Stories


Then the Jennifers (Jenn & Jenny) stepped out in identical dresses as well.

Jenn Hyman & Jenny Fleiss – Co-Founders


Here are two I grabbed from Rent The Runway’s Facebook : The Founders and a Stacey Keibler stop by…

via Facebook

via Facebook

Before the night was over we got in a few more stops along the way…

The Spin to Win

Photos went straight up to twitter and printed out a take home photo

Kait & I (despite what my mom calls my awkward picture face… we had a great time)


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