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[Coffee Spotlight: Sightglass Coffee – San Francisco, CA]

August 7, 2017

To give you a little bit of background, this isn’t really a new shop. Sightglass Coffee is a San Francisco staple. One of the few coffee shops that are also roasters. They have a staple, downtown location that is two stories. The industrial concept downtown and additional affogato bar is probably a bigger draw but they’ve finally opened up a shop on Divisadero so we paid it a visit.

Along with a slew of other neighborhood additions like Namu Stonepot and Indian Paradox this year, Sightglass has finally come to NOPA. (north of the panhandle). We paid a visit as it opens its doors for the first week.


New sight glass location!

We went in for an afternoon coffee

I got in line and grabbed us a couple coffees

Ben looked sad waiting, it was actually only a two minute wait though. There were a lot of false alarms because as it turns out, a lot of people have the name Ben.

Cascara Shrub is a must, I highly recommend it.

Bye, sight glass, see you soon!

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