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[Coffee Spotlight: Cong Ca Phe – Hanoi, Vietnam]

December 15, 2017

This is going to be the most glowing review for coffee in a long time. We are coffee people so going to a coffee city filled with not only amazing coffee but on top of that crazy coffee creativity has led me to just hone in on our favorite spot in Hanoi and also abuse alliterations.

There are so many things you can order at Cong Ca Phe so we’ll list some of our most unique and favorite ones. Cong Ca Phe is a local chain, self-proclaimed “hipster cafe” that modernizes the coffee scene but keeps it traditional at the same time. Their basic coffees are delicious but they’re known for their coconut coffees – a frozen treat especially in humid conditions.

First, a few scenes from outside:

Almost left to go buy flowers even though I had nowhere to put them

This was the lightest traffic we’d seen so I thought I’d take a picture.


Coconut Coffee Smoothie

This tastes a bit like a shaved ice but less icy and more coconutty. Paired with the warm coffee, it’s the perfect cool down beverage.

Oh coconut coffee, I love you

We were so hot and I couldn’t help but catalog it. On the left, Ben being exhausted from heat. On the right, my bird watching while I cool down.

One last gratuitous shot of coffees

Goodbye for now location #1.

Yogurt Coffee

Hear me out, this sounds weird but it’s actually delicious. I was so into having an edible coffee with kindof a sticky yogurt texture. As gross as it sounds, I know desperately am experimenting to make this at home.




As you can see this was a different location…we may have gone twice….

Just for difference’s sake – this is the coconut coffee, so you can see the textural difference.

Believe it or not that is yogurt and coffee.

A close up look

Bonus Round: Beef Jerky!

Our throw-away order one morning turned into our favorite Hanoi treat. They plate the jerky with a small lime wedge and it’s the perfect amount of acid for a spicy jerky to balance it out.

This beef jerky is one of the best things I had in Hanoi, I literally bought so much of it. (Also the lime made it even better)

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