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[Adventures in Clay Crafts]

May 14, 2012

Due to the rainy weather I’m having sporadic moments of brief but highly charged insanity. In one such fit I decided that all these people who pop open a shop on etsy and sell “office terrariums” in a jar for $100 are actually geniuses.

Therefore – I got the absurd idea to buy polymer clay and make bracelets. For the record, I will not be pursuing this ambition but it was quite fun for the day and I wear them out sometimes. Also it cost far less than I would have spent at Forever 21.

Below are snaps of my adventures into polymer clay-ing and you can click here for a better source of inspiration if you have more determination that me and decide to pursue an Etsy career…

Step 1 – Roll

Step 2 – Braid

Step 3 – Bake

I will point out that one was too small – one too big and the last one just right. Let your creative juices flow and also as always I’m going to try and post more often *sigh*

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