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[Hidden Gem in SF’s Chinatown – San Francisco, CA]

April 3, 2017

Saturday often calls for dim sum and this past weekend was no exception. Ben can’t eat shellfish so when it comes to dim sum we sadly have to skip over the great hole in the wall places. This weekend, however, we stumbled into China Live. While this is more of a modern take on dim sum than traditional dim sum, it really brightened up our day and we can’t recommend it enough.

Tucked away on a busy strip of Chinatown

Is this glorious gotham market of the west. If you’re not familiar – google the above, so worth it.

Into the restaurant we go!

T-minus five minutes til dumplings

We got front row er counter seats

We were drooling just waiting for the baked dumplings to come out. If you see here it’s more of a bake and steam which is even better.

Here they are!

and…there they go

Roasted Duck Broth with Chicken, Shiitake, Sweet Pea Wontons & Cabbage

My portion up close

Taipei Braised Beef Noodle Soup

Yes, that was all we ate I promise


China Live so far has three separate sections – Market Restaurant, where we ate which is more of a sit-down dining room. Oolong Cafe which is a 25 counter seat cafe with endless teas, coffee, alcohol and grab and go bites. The third is Eight Tables by Geoge Chen, this will be the fine dining experience once it opens. There’s also a great little marketplace if you wanted to scoop up some of the tools to achieve the same dishes. But…you could probably go on just as fun an adventure around Chinatown to find those if you ask my opinion.

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