California, USA

[Into the Woods! Exploring Muir Woods – Mill Valley, CA]

October 28, 2015
And so it begins...

Into the woods,
It’s time to go,
I hate to leave,
I have to go.
Into the woods-
It’s time, and so
I must begin my journey.
Into the woods
And through the trees

It made sense to me at the time to kick things off with that. But, seriously…that is how you feel when for the first time in your life you live within an hour’s drive of some magical redwoods. Contrary to a pair of visitors we overheard discussing…you cannot simply plant a redwood in your backyard.

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California, Napa

[Red, red wine… – Napa, Ca]

August 18, 2015

Ben is here! To celebrate I attempted to take a day off and we hit the road for Wine Country. A mere 40 minutes away and we were already in Sonoma, then shortly after Napa and…our destination for the night, Healdsburg. (heel+de+sburg).

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[Back to the Cape! – Cape Cod, MA]

July 21, 2015

Fourth of July is all that is good with grilled meats, ice cream and fireworks. Although this post is exactly one month over belated, I wanted to share a few pics from our time back in Cape Cod. It was lovely heading back east after a few months of Bay Area summer.

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California, San Francisco

[A light is waiting to carry you home – San Francisco, CA]

June 23, 2015

What ever happened to predictability?
The milk man, the paper boy, evening T.V
You miss your old familiar friends, but

Everywhere you look
There’s a heart
A hand to hold on to.
Everywhere you look
There’s a face of somebody who needs you.When you’re lost out there and your all alone
A light is waiting to carry you home
Everywhere you look.

I’ve moved. It’s official. I’m a West Coast Living, Kale packing, Bi-rite Ice cream drooling, re-useable bag toting Californian. We walked into a slightly musky charming gem of an apartment in the Haight/Hayes Valley ish area. It seems only fitting that after moving to America and learning my favorite catch phrase “Coooool dude” from Full House episodes that I would be moving right by the painted ladies just in time for its rebirth on Netflix.

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[Santa Cruzin’ – Mini Roadtrip]

June 22, 2015

As summer still hasn’t arrived in San Francisco, I thought I’d share a few pictures from an impromptu day trip to Santa Cruz with friends Manny and Nick. We stopped at several important landmarks along the way: Half Moon Bay, the Santa Cruz dock filled with seals and of course the Pie Ranch (which turns out feeds the hungry people of Mission Pie)

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California, San Francisco

[Into The Wild: Camping in Yosemite]

May 18, 2015
Hammock Life

Being about a week into my living in the bay area, it only made sense to take a long camping trip into the wilderness, shirking my unpacking responsibilities. I wish I regretted it but I simply don’t. My coworker slash friend Manny has been working in San Francisco for the past few months and as two more joined our group we had our team of backpackers. Ellie flew in from New Yorker and booked us a campsite…four miles from where we parked our car. As it happens this mistake was the best thing that could have happened to us as our base camp out turned into a full on trek.

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